Popular Vacuum Brands

Here are some of our most popular vacuum brands:


As an Approved Dyson Independent Dealer, Brighton Vacuums are proud to stock a great range of bestselling Dyson vacuums, including: Dyson dc04, Dyson dc07, Dyson dc14, Dyson dc05, Dyson dc08, Dyson dc19, Dyson dc25, Dyson dc24 and the Dyson dc27.

The above models come in many of the following Dyson formats: The Ball, Animal, Absolute, Allfloors, Allergy and Multi Floor.

P.S. If you’re looking for a particular Dyson model that’s not listed, don’t panic! Our stock changes all the time. Just call us to discuss what you’re looking for.


We stock a lot of top Miele vacuums, including: Miele Cat & Dog, Miele Solution, Miele Classic, Miele Compact, Miele Complete, Miele Dynamic, and the Miele S7.

P.S. Can’t see the Miele model you’re looking for? Call us!


Hoover vacuums are so famous that most people call their vacuum a hoover!

Needless to say, we stock a lot of great Hoover vacuums too, including: Hoover Turbo, Hoover Purepower, Hoover Junior, Hoover Senior, Hoover Discovery, Hoover Freespace, and the Hoover Alyx.

P.S. Can’t see the Hoover model you’re looking for? Give us a call!


Brighton Vacuums stock a range of Vax vacuums, including: Vax Cadence, Vax Mach, Vax Swift, Vax Turboforce, Vax Essentials, Vax Cadence and the Vax Mojo.

P.S. Can’t see the Vax model you’re looking for? Call us!


We stock a lot of great Electrolux vacuums, including: Electrolux Widetrack, Electrolux Mondo, Electrolux The Boss, Electrolux Lite, Electrolux Powerplus, Electrolux Twin Turbo. Electrolux Clario, Electrolux Contour and the Electrolux Masterlux.

P.S. Can’t see the Electrolux model you’re looking for? Give us a call!


As an Authorised Sebo Dealer, we stock lots of Sebo vacuums, including: Sebo X1, Sebo X1.1, Sebo X4, Sebo X5, Sebo K1, Sebo Airbelt, Sebo D2, and the Sebo Felix.

P.S. Can’t see the Sebo model you’re looking for? Call us!


Brighton Vacuums are proud stockists of the world famous Henry vacuum! But in addition to to Numatic’s most famous son, we also stock a lot of Henry’s friends, including: Numatic James, Numatic George, Numatic Harry, Numatic Hetty, Numatic Charles, and Numatic Henry Xtra!

P.S. Can’t see the Numatic name/model you’re looking for? Give us a call!


We stock a lot of Panasonic vacuums, including: Panasonic MCE44, Panasonic MCE4686, Panasonic MCE53, Panasonic MCE54, Panasonic MCUG342, Panasonic MCUG344 and the Panasonic MCUG302.

P.S. Can’t see the Panasonic model you’re looking for? Call us!